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Networking Opportunities

Networking is an important part of the SME meetings, mixers and events. A few of our members talk about how networking has become an important part of their experience with SME.

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What is SME of Sioux Falls

The Sales & Marketing Executives, Inc. is an organization for Sales and Marketing professionals in a wide variety of industries. Check out what our members have to say about SME.

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Return On Your Investment

The bottom line is to see a return on your investment. We asked our members to tell us why they feel that SME has surpassed their expectations in quality and value.

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World Class Education

Education is a vital component of keeping your business fresh and productive. SME provides members with world-class speakers and topics. What can the educational opportunities do for you?

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Developing Leaders

SME is a great way to develop your leadership skills in becoming an influential and driven force in the community. Listen to a few of our members discuss the leadership influence SME has had on them.

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An Edge to Your Success

Find out what the Edge to Your Success is all about from current SME members. How can SME give you your edge to becoming successful?

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