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C Vent Customer Services
Caitlin McMorrow
Account Executive,  Business Development
Cvent, Inc.
8180 Greensboro Dr., Ste. 450
McLean, VA 22102

SME Sioux Falls is a business partner with C Vent Client Services and if you contact them about your company using their services, be sure to include in your email "copy" area so that we might get credit for a referral.

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601 W 33rd Street

Pinnacle Hospitality, Inc. the group responsible for daily operations of Tre, Foleys and Callaway’s is proud to announce a unique partnership with Sales and Marketing Executives of Sioux Falls.Beginning Monday, May 21 Tre is expanding hours of operations to include lunch (served Monday through Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m.) In an effort to give back to the community and assist non profit group / agency fundraising goals, one dollar will be donated for each guest expressing their support for SME Youth Education. This charitable program runs through Friday, August 31.  Pinnacle Hospitality’s charitable gift will include all guests dining at any one time on any given day. Therefore, six guests equal $6 toward SME. Thirty guests equals $30.  The team at Tre is excited to partner with SME and is anticipating a generous donation to this worthwhile cause in early September.

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