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Sales & Marketing Executives, Inc. of Sioux Falls SME Scholarship Application

Please submit this completed form along with resume, transcript, letter of reference and questionnaire by February 17, 2017 to:

SME Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 90310
Sioux Falls, SD  57109-0310

For questions or further information contact Sue Ford, CEO, SME Sioux Falls ( or phone toll free 877-421-1033. 
SME Sioux Falls DOES NOT collect this information for distribution to others or use your personal information for further marketing materials.
SME Sioux Falls is a nonprofit 501-C6 organization.

Application Form

Questions marked with * are required.

Application Written Responses

Judging will be based on clear and concise answers to each of the following questions of approximately 250 words or less.


Acceptance of this scholarship is based on the condition that I will return to a participating South Dakota institution of higher learning and pursue my degree through graduation. I understand that I am required to enroll in the Fall to use the scholarship funds in the following two semesters. Sales and Marketing Executives may use my name and photo in any publications or press releases.

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